Adding New Planes

Adding New Planes

Beitragvon RandomHero » 07.09.2015, 21:57

Mor2000 this is directed for you,
First off I love this mod, now for my question.
I have added fertilizer2 and fertilizer3 from the soil mod into your placeable heaps mod. I can dump these into the trigger and the trigger does rise as you can see the numbers rising along with the trailer. The only issue I am having is making the texture show the fertilizer, all that happens is a invisible heap with no texture. Any help of ideas?
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Re: Adding New Planes

Beitragvon mor2000 » 08.09.2015, 00:21

you should expand the lists of fill types in the i3d. Open this file with a good text editor, scroll down and you'll see what I mean. Be aware of that some lists are separated by commas, others dont. good luck ;)
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